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Daily Archives: January 12, 2016

– Essence for long presence –


Chipped nail polish – the worst look ever. Sometimes you just cannot avoid it. I had some nail polishes that I spent some money on and expected them to be better then the cheap ones. They still chipped or at least the tips of the nail rubbed off the same day.  Ohhh, the things that I would do for a regular polish to stay on for a long time…

I have tried quite a few brands of nail polish, however never came across something as good as this and for such a great price. Essence cosmetics is an affordable Germany based brand of makeup. There are a few things of their range that I like, but these ‘Gel nail polishes’ are the best. They really stay for quite a long time (3-4 days when you are not careful – doing dishes and all). And I know, because my nails are really the excellent test for any nail polish. They are fragile and brittle, therefore sometimes not only polish comes of (Weah ! ). And I don’t even do all the steps they recommend, like the base coat or the top coat.

The brand offers quite a good range of colours, I just own a few of them. With two coats you can get a really amazing coverage of the uneven nail texture. Also, the drying time is impressive, usually it takes just a few minutes to already have pretty hard surface so you can already touch something. I know because I am never patient enough to wait very long – queen of smudgy nail polish .

The colours I have (from the left):

01 – Absolute pure (clear)

36 – Dare it nude (very neutral nude)

40 – Play with my mint (an amazing dupe foe Essie’s ‘Apple mint candy’ for less than half price)

37 – Serendipity (dusty grayish lilac)

48 – My love diary (red with brown undertones)



I am happy with all of the colours, which actually never happens with any other brand because they never look as well on the nails as in the package. Essence ‘Gel nails polishes’ are only 1,55 Eur per piece here in Europe and I am definitely getting more of them!

In Germany you can get them in any DM or Rossmann shops. In other countries I am sure you can get it in any high street drugstore/cosmetic store. And of course you can find it in a lot of online shops.

Tip: You should be aware that the brand offers different kinds of polishes, I have tried a few of them, like the’Effect polish’ or ‘I love trends’ nail polish they did not last as long as the ‘Gel nails’ polishes.

Happy colouring! Thanks for reading.


– Goals for 2016 –


I know it’s already more then half of January gone now and I am still lingering on these New Year’s resolutions. It’s just because I find them really hard to keep. This year I want to keep it simple and realistic, whilst not setting myself up to fail. So here are some of mine:

  1. Worry less. I have read an article that made a research on questioning seniors about their regrets, and 90% of them said they regret worrying so much, because most of the stuff they worried about didn’t even matter in the long run. So I will try to remind myself of that next time I am worried.
  2. Change of the mindset. I just want to be a positive person. Yeah, I know it sound rather hard to just do. However, I was working on it already for quite a long time with some meditations, some affirmation, as well as some positive reads. So my goal is to keep trying and maybe even putting more effort to it. I truly believe that you attract positive things when you are positive yourself. Life had showed me quite a few times that this is true, but somehow sometimes I still get sucked in by the negative stuff. I will try my best!
  3. Read at least one novel in German from cover to cover. That will keep my German language learning going.
  4. Travel somewhere new. I would love to visit a new place. I hope the destination will be sunny. Denmark is not so keen on providing the vitamin D people need.
  5. Keep organized. My game on this one is already strong! I am very impressed by the results. I started to keep a calendar for everything that needs to be done and an extra idea/planner journal that helps keep track of my mind which sometimes it becomes very cluttered and messy. I will probably make full post on that. I think it is really useful.
  6. Put some new foods in my menu. I have noticed my menu is quite full with different recipes, however not so much with different ingredients. So I decided I want to try some vegetables and fruits that up until now are quite foreign to me, like sweet potatoes, asparagus, egg plant, dates, etc.
  7. Learn to do at least one pull-up. My upper body and the back are quite weak, so this year I want to make it a little stronger and toned. To be honest, I have never ever in my life was able to do a pull up. Even in school, when I was actually quite athletic. So I decided that at least one pull-up in the end of the year is a good measurement of my progress towards strengthening my upper body and the back.

Happy New Year!