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Daily Archives: January 16, 2016


DIY – Mirror, mirror, on the wall… –


Living in a temporary rented apartment is a pain sometimes, especially in Denmark. The only thing you get is white walls that you cannot really do hardcore things on. Well, I have recently moved to a new place and I didn’t want to repeat the things I have done before (soon I will share my previous project from the former apartment too) so I was looking for inspiration and I saw some pretty fabulous wall art from mirrors on Pinterest and I decided to make my own version of it.

Usually, the problem for me personally is getting the right materials the for DIYs. They are pretty expensive here in Denmark if they are exactly the same as in the inspiration picture, so you have to get away with some cheaper alternatives you can find and get creative. Fortunately, we have a really amazing Danish store called ‘Tiger’ – it’s cheap and reaaaally weird . You can be surprised sometimes with what you find there. However, they hold some useful stuff too. The quality is not a dream, but for the price I think it is more than decent. So in ‘Tiger’ was lucky to find some little square mirrors.

In one set of square mirrors you get:

  • 4 squares or mirror;
  • some double sided sticky tape (two pieces for each mirror);
  • some mirror hooks and screws to hold  them as regular mirrors.

One pack is 3 Euro in Germany and 30 DKK (danish krone) in Denmark. I got 4 of them which left me with 16 square mirror pieces. I used only 13, other 3 I hung in the corridor for the last wink to yourself before you leave the house .

I am not allowed to screw anything to the walls so I just stuck them on with the tape provided in the package. I have learned the hard way that the tape is not that great. After 2 days the mirrors started falling off, even though when I stuck them on, it was very hard to take them off.

So my advice would be to firstly to apply the wanted design with the removable adhesive (gum like material). A lot of brands have it. The one I have used is from Faber-Castell. This way you will be able to remove and stick back the mirror squares on the wall as many times as you want until you come up with the desirable design. I think this would hold the mirrors permanently too, that’s what I have done after they fell off. I will update you, if any of them decide to fail to cooperate again.

Extra tip: be very careful, the mirrors are super thin and you have to be careful while sticking them or taking them off, they might shatter. Don’t press them too hard while putting them on the wall.

I think, these little square pieces really give you unlimited opportunities to get creative – make massive designs on walls or ceiling, make fragments of designs throughout the room, they can be symmetric or not, the squares can also be diamonds when you turn it and then again this shape opens a lot of new possibilities for decor. It looks modern it looks chic and in this case it is also quite functional – it is a mirror! It all depends on how much you wan to invest in it.

I really recommend to check out ‘Tiger’ if you are on a budget and it is available in your country (I think most of the European countries have them). I always leave with either some good stuff for home decor or at least with some good ideas for DIYs. Good luck!

If you don’t have a ‘Tiger’ store in your country, then just try eBay, Amazon, IKEA or just Google it.

Happy DIYing!