DIY – Fly, fly butterfly –


I have promised you guys that I will share the wall art that I DIYed in my former flat. So here it is!

At this point it was very popular to make these black&white 3D wall arts, especially from butterflies. So I looked at most designs made online and I realized one thing that was missing in them – detail. I tell you, this little change had transformed the look completely.

For this DIY you need:

  • Plain white paper;
  • Thicker black paper;
  • Pencil and scissors;
  • Removable adhesive.

Firstly, I made a few stencils of butterflies. I just googled ‘black butterflies’ and in the images a lot of different shapes have appeared. So I grabbed a simple sheet of A4 white paper, fold it in half and started drawing – just with my hand, not being too precise or anything. They will be symmetrical anyway when I cut it out and unfold it.

My basic tip is to not try to be an artist and be exact, just try to keep some details of the butterfly – the little whiskers, the tail, the curves of the wings. It might take a few tries to make it look nice, but that’s why we draw with a pencil, right? We can just erase the lines we don’t want anymore.

To achieve the look of the wall art in the picture you only need to choose about 3-4 different shapes of butterflies and then 4-5 different sizes. As you can see in the final picture the really small ones made a great impact on the final project result.

These where the stencils I have made and worked with (I found them hidden away in my older journals, because I though I might be tempted to do it again). Don’t feel you have to make exact ones, this is just for a visual example. To imagine what I mean by detail.


After I made the stencils, I went ahead and bough myself some black paper, that was a little bit thicker then the normal printing paper. Then I just went crazy with it and made a lots and lots of these different butterflies. I was not counting how many of what size I need. I was just trying to fit as many different butterfly shapes that I have into one peace of paper. I think I made at least 6 full sheets of them. I cut them out. I didn’t really worry so much about how I am cutting them, I tried my best and if the whiskers were not so thin as on the stencil, so what… I tried my best. At least they are there… And then I just went ahead and started to stick the butterflies to the wall with the removable adhesive from Faber-Castell I have mentioned in the previous blog post.

For making a ring of butterflies I just grabbed a kitchen pot the size I wanted and I sketched it on the wall to make a circle and sat all the butterflies on that pencil line I made. Then it was all just creativity of my mind of how to place them. When I ran out of the ones I cut out and I saw that I needed even more, I went ahead and just cut put more.

The key is to mix the sizes, the forms and the spacing of butterflies.

Happy DIYing!


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