– Brightening up the gloomy weather –


Don’t you sometimes feel stuck in this circle, where you have been waiting for Christmas since the summer end and just when Christmas is over you cannot wait for summer to come back again!

Well, here Denmark does not give me a break. Some days you open the window blinds and its the same as you wouldn’t have… Just dark. And when you need to go somewhere it usually rains or there’s a risk of being blown away. Sometimes biking here is a challenge. Pedaling down the hill because of the wind is my favorite thing .

But today, I somehow felt fed up being controlled by the weather. So to make these negative and gloomy moods go away I decided to buy some nice little tulip flowers. I chose these gorgeous pastel pinks and purples match them together. Looking at their beauty I got completely inspired to pull out my springy nail and lip colours, as well as some fun rose gold jewelry. They are my favorite! I used my best fruity and floral perfumes and already mixed in some spring-summer clothes to my wardrobe to wake myself up from this darkness. You should do it too! This is truly healing on these dull Saturdays. And somehow spring already feels closer !



Happy spring waiting!


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