– Be simple, Valentine! –


Valantine’s day. This year it’s Sunday. So why not make it simple. Well, me and my Man do not have much choice actually. We live in a small town in Denmark, therefore everything is closed on Sunday, so we choose to just SIMPLIFY!

I also believe that special surprises on this day are kind of worthless, they are not really surprises, you expect something already, therefore it is not a real surprise. You get my logic?

So what I suggest instead of spending time and money on your ultimate surprises is:

Plan your Valentine’s together. Just talk about it. What do you imagine it to be like this year? Just chillin’ together or going out?

If going out:

  1. Get ready together. Take a shower together. Put some entertaining music on, get dressed, put your perfume, make-up on while dancing around together… The things usually heat up and stay like that all evening while your out. Also, it puts you in a great mood.
  2. Overdress! To be honest, here I rarely see people dressed up. It is nice to imagine for an evening that you are super extravagant people and to act like a lady and a gentleman.

If you are staying in:

  1. It’s Sunday. Take a morning walk together.
  2. Play some games together. Board games, PC or PlayStation, whatever… Get competitive, and spice things up with some assignments for loosing.
  3. Instead of going out to a fancy dinner, cook something great together.
  4. Better yet, make some delicious deserts together. Baking together with some music on makes so much fun.
  5. Find a great movie that both of you would really like to watch (or re-watch).
  6. I leave it to your imagination to come up with what happens next…

Planning together is not only getting you closer, but also that way you save yourself any unnecessary disappointment about your surprise not working out, or that the other didn’t try as much as you did or in general you just don’t set any certain expectations, therefore you guarantee yourself a great Valentine’s day. Only happy emotions allowed!


Happy Valentine’s day!


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