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Daily Archives: February 20, 2016

– Lemony healing –


Wanted to share with you guys a useful tip that really worked for me. I truly recommend trying it!

Natural lemon juice can be the answer to many of your skin problems.  Lots of scholarly articles have noted that Vitamin C has many benefits for skin:

  • Reduce the appearance of brown spots from sun damage as well as discolorations from scaring – it lightens and brightens those areas;
  • Helps boost collagen production (collagen is what makes your skin firm!)
  • Reduce inflammation and irritation;
  • Fade post-breakout red marks by improving skin’s natural healing response;
  • etc.

I have suffered from acne scars for many years. So I have chosen to use Vitamin C directly on the skin. I usually just put pure lemon juice on a cotton pad and press it against areas that have scarring, under skin acne or other damage. You might feel a little bit of a tingle on the skin at first, but it goes away fast. Tip: Be careful! Don’t put it on open wounds. It will sting as hell! You can repeat the process daily or incorporate it to your skin care routine however you like. Just watch the response of your skin and go along with it. Your skin will tell you how much it needs.

Sometimes I even use the same method for scrubbing my skin, the only difference is I put some sugar on the cotton pad soaked with lemon juice and then gently scrub my skin with it in circular motions. I would not recommend it to people that have very sensitive skin, the sugar scrub might me too harsh.

To buy lemons for every time you do this might seem too much. So I suggest just picking up a cute lemon shape lemon juice bottle from your grocery store (supermarket). It cost just around 1.5 Eur here in Germany/Denmark. It takes a long time to finish it! Also, you can use it for spicing up your salad dressing .



Happy healing!