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I wanted to shortly review this eye shadow palette, because it is still marked as new here in Germany. So here are some of my remarks about it.

Packaging and the content

The palette here in German drugstores are around 9.95 Eur. For the price you get 12 eye shadows – 11 shimmery and 1 matte. The quantity is nice, but the ratio of mattes and shimmers is not. The packaging is quite pretty – rose gold plastic case with a window to see the eye shadows. The case seems pretty sturdy and is quite hard to open. Considering the price, I didn’t expect a super luxury feeling from the packaging, so I wasn’t disappointed. The back of the packaging gives some guidelines on how the color placement in the palette can make ‘duos’, ‘trios’ and ‘quads’. In the ‘duos’ case I didn’t really see how it should work, because most of the colors next to each other are too similar to make a god ‘duo’. The case also holds a little double-sided brush that has a little applicator brush on one side and a little blending brush on the other. The blending brush is not bad, but for well blended looks I think it is too small. The blending might take some time. In the later pictures I tried to achieve a look by using only the brush that came with the palette. I think it could definitely be more blended. What do you think?

Note: I have noticed that US version of this palette has different placement of colors in the palette.

palette back


The colors are mostly rosy or golden nudes and browns. 2 darker colors have some pretty big glitter specks in them, the other 9 give more like a shine on the lid. The 1 mate that is in the palette is very pretty light taupe color (first row 2nd from right). The colors are quite pigmented, however, doesn’t show up on the lid the same as on the swatches. You need to build up the shadow to bring out the color. I usually fix cheaper shadows by I mixing in some MAC Fix+ (see previous post).


The application is not that easy, you need to build up the color, and with the darker colors you might have some fallout. You can make really pretty looks with this palette though, the colors, when you have time to play with them, have much potential. Most of them are pretty smooth and bendable.


After I have done my make-up I was quite impressed – pretty looks are very achievable, but not without effort. The shadows crease without a primer, but the Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eye shadows works well as a primer for these eye shadows. With a primer the shadows stay on the lid and don’t crease at all (unless maybe you have very oily lids), however, in the end of the day I found that the pretty looks that I have achieved in the morning have meshed into one color in the afternoon, which is definitely not something you want.




In general I think this palette can work well as a day time make-up palette for achieving looks appropriate for work environment or school, where the make-up has to be minimal. It is not a bad palette, but it is also not greatest either, because you really need to spend some time to achieve some more advanced looks. The packaging is pretty and compact, great for traveling. And I had fun playing with the colors, since I didn’t have any rosy nude colors before.

What do you think of this palette?

Happy make-uping!



  1. Boo | 3rd Apr 16

    Hi Egle,
    What kind of primer would you recommend for an every day use?

    • Egle R. | 3rd Apr 16

      If you search for a color base and you are on a budget, then definitely Maybelline Color Tattoo by Eyestudio works. I have a few colors of that one and I used it several times with this palette and it works great – does not crease at all through the day. I apply a very thin coat with my fingers. Of course, the high end primers will work great too (like Urban Decay Primer Potion or something less expensive like NYX eye shadow base), but I find them quite pricey and hard to find in just any store. And also, the Maybelline Color Tattoo you can use on its own, when you want to, so it is multi-functional, which I am always for :). Permanent taupe and Infinite white are the only colors you will ever need if you will use it only for priming. Pink gold is great to pair with this Blushed nudes palette.

      Thanks for the comment!

      xx Egle R.

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