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Daily Archives: April 5, 2016

– Just a little fashion haul – H&M and ASOS –


Recently I have updated my wardrobe a little bit, which I don’t do too often. So I wanted to share some of the looks I have put together with some of the new items and some of my older ones. I shopped a lot on sale, so I couldn’t find all the links to the items, but I have tried my best to find some good alternatives. Usually, I shop in H&M and ASOS. The clothes fit me well, I know my sizes well, I like the styles, etc. So this will be like a an H&M and ASOS haul. Enjoy!

Look 1: Lets have brunch

2 outfit

Look 2: Ready for the movies

4 outfit

Look 3: Casual walk on the beach

1 outfit

Look 4: Date night

3 outfit

Look 1: Lets have brunch

Look 2: Ready for the movies

Look 3: Casual walk on the beach

Look 4: Date night

This is my first time to try to make some kind of a fashion haul. So I hope it didn’t turned out too awful. Hopefully next time I will have my personal photographer available (my beloved boyfriend ) so the photos can be taken in a more interesting place then the comfort of my own home. What do you guys think?

Happy shopping and styling!