I am back, baby!


Great news! I handed in my Master thesis! Even defended it! And I took a week to recover a bit. Finally, am starting to feel like human again!

This was a very stressful and crazy experience for me. I had been challenged by life to make my Master thesis project in only two months from complete zero. With my supervisors encouragement and support I have done it! 91 page book with at least 75 pages of plain text.


Yes, I was feeling drained and tired constantly. And I still do, actually. Sleepless nights, over stressed days, overwhelming amounts of information, feeling inadequate and low self worth, even loneliness… The bouquet of  feelings that making such a big task in such a short time brings you. And it just destroys you a little bit every day. My best advise to people who has to do something similar to this is:

  1. Don’t be alone when you are not writing or researching. You can dwell and drown in these feelings of fear and constant anxiety. Also, procrastinating brings a feeling of guilt. You need to be as far from these feelings as possible. People will help not to think about it constantly. You need support, positive talk! You need people that even though you might be negative in this situation, still would try to cheer you to continue on! I am forever grateful for my boyfriend who helped me a lot to keep my sanity, and for my friends that never stop believing in me .
  2. Find a system to group and label your information. I would have saved so much time if I had a system from the beginning. There were so many times where I swear I have read something about the topic that definitely would be useful… And then I can never find it again if I didn’t label or pinned it down somewhere.
  3. Make a strict schedule! Or even better make it with your supervisor. I have done it with mine and that pushed me to finish everything on time. I suck at making my own deadlines… I end up thinking ‘ohh it’s just me, does not matter if I miss it or not’. But when it was scheduling everything with my supervisor that expects me to be done with something at a particular time, I have done everything in my power not to disappoint him with not finishing the task.
  4. Make a calendar that is in front of your eyes with all the deadlines and tasks you need to do and make red x’es every day. That actually pushed me a lot because I was constantly seeing how the days are going by but not so much gets done. And at some point you just see how little time you have… And then the productive days just happen.
  5. Make a complete break day. You will feel when you need it. Don’t do anything that day for that particular task. Don’t read or write. Just don’t let it extend to more days then one at a time.

But honestly I have expected a more rewarding feeling in the end. However, after the defense everything became a little bit better. Now it is hard to understand this free time I have. Netflix and chill without guilt??? I don’t even remember how that feels like. Well… now I do, actually. 

getting ready


So in conclusion, finally I am back to you guys! Which is amazing, however scary because coming back is a commitment to post regularly. But I will try my best!

Look out for the upcoming posts!


P.S. Sorry for the poor quality of pictures. They were all taken with my phone in these spontaneous moments. Hope you can still appreciate the post.

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