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– Sucked into the planner obsession –


So the obsession started in February 2016 .I have watched so many YouTube videos about planning techniques, different planners, planner decor,  productivity, etc. There are so many inspirational people that definitely deliver the message – Life is hectic nowadays! You need a system to keep up.

And so, as any girly girl I needed a planner that is also fun and stylish and decorated nicely. Thank God, I have the most amazing boyfriend who likes seeing me happy no matter how ridiculous ideas I have. And so he ordered me this gorgeous planner from KikkiK (A5-large, Perforated in the colour Mint).

And then I’ve just gone crazy. I bought a lamination machine, tons of stationary supplies, printed out lots and lots of stuff to get my planner going, with the intention for it to reflect my chaotic personality.

For me this was amazingly satisfying. The planner not only gave me joy of decorating but also actually helped me to stay on top of things in my life. Before my system looked more like this Képtalálat a következőre: „laughing emoji”:

Then I tried journalin. However it didn’t work out for me because it was too static. I couldn’t take out what I wrote without tearing pages or regroup something to different categories, etc. And a planner with rings that open up is a perfect solution for this – you can always change anything you want in there.

Of course, I am still transitioning from the old system. I think you really need to experiment with different techniques of planning to really find what works for you, especially with day-to-day things. For now, I usually just sit down and put all of my sticky notes into the planner by category. In my planner I have these categories sectioned-out:

  • The actual calendar (I have ‘one month on two pages’ with some space for notes);
  • Address book (and somehow Recipes became a part of that section);
  • To Do lists;
  • Blog;
  • Personal (this contains a lot of different categories – wishlist, bucket list, goals, book lists, etc. and some stuff that cannot be categorized – random ideas and random notes).
  • There are also a lot of printables inside that help me to follow up every thing (like yearly calendar, budget follow-ups, etc.)

I am still using a lot of the original stuff that came with the planner. But I think you can transform anything into anything. Even when the pages say ‘Meeting notes’ you can just stick some washi tape and make it into what ever you need it to be.

So this is a little look inside my planner and how I personalised it

planner insidejpg

My month on two pages view:

planner august

Wishlist come in a form of a vision board:


Some of my stationary:


Details on the stationary I am using

Here are some links to some of the stationary and printouts I have used, if you are interested:

  • Laminator machine – when I bought it it was a little bit cheaper.
  • The Charmed Shop – Alexis has pretty nice covers and calendars for free (just sort the shop according to the price). Also you can watch her on YouTube teaching you to make some DIYs for your planner as well as, teaching techniques to plan your day, week, month, year, personal life, work life, etc.)
  • I also got some nice printables here:
  • Most of the washi tape, stickers and stationary I have purchased in the Tiger shop. So If you are in Europe, you are in luck!
  • The planner cards: I just Googled some pictures, printed and laminated them to make them into planner cards. They are very functional, you can stick to them your ToDo lists, write on them with erasable markers, etc.
  • And my pens… I don’t usually buy any pens. I usually just take them when ever they are available for me for free (e.g. I stock up on them in fairs Képtalálat a következőre: „cover eyes emoji”, I also use a lot of university, workplace merchandise, etc.)


Inspirational videos for Planner DIYs

Some paperclips for your planner

Some Folder dividers (very functional!)


It is really fun to sit down at least once a week and just decorate and plan away. You get kind of a broader look on your life and how busy or not busy you are. I  find that I really need to write down what I want to do in life (doesn’t matter if it’s now or some time in the future). At least for me, it is sometimes so, that I want to do something and I just talk about it. However, if I write it down, it makes me rethink and maybe even make a plan of how exactly that thing can be done. Thus, I become active towards that goal. And of course, the planner saves you the trouble of remembering everything you need to do as well as some brilliant ideas that sometimes slip away if you don’t jot them down really quickly.

Hope you enjoyed this post and found something useful and inspiring.

Happy planning!