About me


I am Egle Helms – an adventurer, a freelancer with many passions, and a wife of an amazing man.

Welcome to my travel blog!

This website covers topics like moving and living abroad, planning and budgeting guides, tips on how to make the most of a destination, and memories of my previous travels.

 My story

People say I am a kind, stubborn and persuasive person. I find these characteristics cool to be known for. However, I would describe myself as a multi-passionate woman, proud emigrant and a restless human who loves the world.

Until recently, I was quite lost, I was searching for what I want to do with my life and career. The only thing I always knew – I don’t want a standard life.

Coming from a rather reserved background, my mentality was stagnant and quite straightforward. I just wanted to finish good school, have my 9to5 and, if I am lucky, to afford some travelling. I was doing my best to travel even in my teenage years. I managed to see Paris, Berlin, Prague, Moscow, Sankt Petersburg.

However, I think the Erasmus semester in Istanbul, Turkey was the big break for me. After coming back to Lithuania to finish my degree, I never felt like I belong anymore and thus travelled more. I visited quite a few European cities Venice, Vienna, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Zagreb.

After my Bachelor studies ended I landed in Sønderborg, Denmark to get my Master’s degree. This is where I met open, crazy, nomadic people, who challenged me to think differently. In addition, I got to know my wonderful husband there too.

After finishing my studies I moved to Budapest, Hungary for a traineeship in an EU Agency. I was really lucky to live in a fantastic city and have some great work experience. I was paving my way to a great career in public sector.

Suddenly, I changed my mind about everything, I quit my job, moved to Hamburg, Germany and got married to the love of my life.

Now, I am freelancing. I help one-man/small businesses to get online, be social and have a community (you can check out my website here).

On my free time, I plan, dream of or enjoy travelling.

To be completely honest, I feel like I haven’t seen anything yet and my true life-changing travel experiences are still in the future.

Why the sudden change of content?

Originally, this website was supposed to be a beauty blog.

I am grateful to people who followed and liked the previous content. BUT… I had to move on. I wasn’t enjoying it much, and my ideas on the topic died off fast.

Writing about beauty felt quite foreign to me. I never considered myself really beautiful or high maintenance. I mean, I wash my hair with the cheapest shampoo, and do my own manicure… Definitely, not a trend in the beauty community.

However, TRAVEL seemed always to be something I enjoyed seeing others do, and always daydream about doing it myself.

So let’s start a new Chapter for this website!

Thanks for being here and enjoy the content! This time, I swear I will!