About me


I am Egle a Lithuanian girl living in Hungary at the moment. Life seems difficult now because of all the important decisions to be made. You know I am that age, where you have to decide what your life is gonna be like. Well, I kind of refuse to do that and I just wanted to create an outlet for myself to share, create and chat about anything I want – all things happy, ambitious, useful, challenging, maybe even sad…

Life is a wonder that sometimes is difficult to understand or appreciate. Therefore, I hope I can share the struggles of getting my life on track, finding my way, my style, my self. Hopefully, it will turn out useful or inspiring to you too.

So to introduce myself a little bit, here are 10 random facts about me:

  1. I am a Youtube addict! I can sometimes spend the whole day browsing Youtube and forget the world completely. Some people say its useless, but I disagree, I think I have learned many things from Youtube in science, beauty, food, lifestyle, etc. Well, sometimes I just have vlogs on while I am working on something else, but it serves me well in calming me down to hear someone talking.
  2. I love chocolate. Nothing else to say about that, really.
  3. I am in love!!! I was lucky enough to meet Him during my studies in Denmark.
  4. Yes, I am a recent graduate from a Danish university with a Master’s degree.
  5. I love make-up. Love playing around with it, trying different stuff out. I am sure if I thought of it earlier, I would have given it a shot to be a make-up artist. However, now I am still collecting funds to invest in some high end products. But the truth is, I have found some cheap alternatives or tricks to make make-up work for me anyway. I cannot wait to share some of them with you guys.
  6. I am totally a DIY person, if I could I would DIY everything I own.
  7. I am a Christmas person! I would wear a tacky Christmas sweater in no time! And bonus points: lots of DIYs before Christmas!
  8. I really like driving, blasting the music in the car and really screaming my lungs out. Anyone who is with me has to cope with it (poor fiancé ).
  9. I am a complete failure in baking. Several disasters have been witnessed while trying out some recipes of pies.
  10. Ultimate fan of  the sitcom Friends. I know almost every line of every episode.

And you will get to know me even better as we go along.

Happy reading!


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