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– Be simple, Valentine! –


Valantine’s day. This year it’s Sunday. So why not make it simple. Well, me and my Man do not have much choice actually. We live in a small town in Denmark, therefore everything is closed on Sunday, so we choose to just SIMPLIFY!

I also believe that special surprises on this day are kind of worthless, they are not really surprises, you expect something already, therefore it is not a real surprise. You get my logic?

So what I suggest instead of spending time and money on your ultimate surprises is:

Plan your Valentine’s together. Just talk about it. What do you imagine it to be like this year? Just chillin’ together or going out?

If going out:

  1. Get ready together. Take a shower together. Put some entertaining music on, get dressed, put your perfume, make-up on while dancing around together… The things usually heat up and stay like that all evening while your out. Also, it puts you in a great mood.
  2. Overdress! To be honest, here I rarely see people dressed up. It is nice to imagine for an evening that you are super extravagant people and to act like a lady and a gentleman.

If you are staying in:

  1. It’s Sunday. Take a morning walk together.
  2. Play some games together. Board games, PC or PlayStation, whatever… Get competitive, and spice things up with some assignments for loosing.
  3. Instead of going out to a fancy dinner, cook something great together.
  4. Better yet, make some delicious deserts together. Baking together with some music on makes so much fun.
  5. Find a great movie that both of you would really like to watch (or re-watch).
  6. I leave it to your imagination to come up with what happens next…

Planning together is not only getting you closer, but also that way you save yourself any unnecessary disappointment about your surprise not working out, or that the other didn’t try as much as you did or in general you just don’t set any certain expectations, therefore you guarantee yourself a great Valentine’s day. Only happy emotions allowed!


Happy Valentine’s day!


– Brightening up the gloomy weather –


Don’t you sometimes feel stuck in this circle, where you have been waiting for Christmas since the summer end and just when Christmas is over you cannot wait for summer to come back again!

Well, here Denmark does not give me a break. Some days you open the window blinds and its the same as you wouldn’t have… Just dark. And when you need to go somewhere it usually rains or there’s a risk of being blown away. Sometimes biking here is a challenge. Pedaling down the hill because of the wind is my favorite thing .

But today, I somehow felt fed up being controlled by the weather. So to make these negative and gloomy moods go away I decided to buy some nice little tulip flowers. I chose these gorgeous pastel pinks and purples match them together. Looking at their beauty I got completely inspired to pull out my springy nail and lip colours, as well as some fun rose gold jewelry. They are my favorite! I used my best fruity and floral perfumes and already mixed in some spring-summer clothes to my wardrobe to wake myself up from this darkness. You should do it too! This is truly healing on these dull Saturdays. And somehow spring already feels closer !



Happy spring waiting!


– Tips on eyebrow grooming –


As a girl who has very fair and rare-haired eyebrows I have struggled all my life with shaping them, colouring them in, etc. So I think I have tried quite many techniques, colours, tools and other things myself and I want to share some of my eyebrow wisdom with you guys. Not only because it is on trend, but because I truly believe that eyebrows are the most important part of your face – they shape and frame your face, as well as make your eyes the focal point of it. Have you seen how weird people look without any eyebrows? Don’t google, you will have nightmares or you will never stop laughing .

Shaping your eyebrows

1. The rule of eyebrow shaping does not apply the same to every face! You have to be aware of your eye placement on your face. Are they close together, or are they apart. Eyebrows can visually bring your eyes together more if you place them closer together, or make them look more far away from each other if you start them further from each other. To decide where your eyebrows should start and end use the general rule of eyebrow shaping just as a guideline, but not as a rule without exceptions. Don’t start to tweeze before you figured it out.

2. Get a good pair of tweezers! With sharp and thin ends. That is the biggest mistake you can make – to have a bad pair of tweezers. You will end up plucking more hair than you want at once, then trying to fix it, and ending up plucking even more. This is not at all what you want.

3. Tweeze in a very good light. When you can see the hair that are not dark, then that is a good light to pluck your eyebrows in. I usually do mine when it is sunny outside in front of the window. That guarantees you precision.

4. Tweeze only one hair at a time. Go back looking from far away to see how your eyebrow looks next to each other, as well as to see where to go next. I am sure you will pluck way less hair out then you have expected and get a perfect result. It will take a longer time to do one by one technique, but in the end your eyebrows will match as much as they can match (because eyebrows are sisters, not twins) and they will look well defined and shaped.
Tip: Keep away from the upper line of hair of your eyebrow, tweeze it only if completely necessary. These hair take ages to grow back and when they do, they tend to grow to different directions.

5. Grooming your eyebrows. Some hairs in the front might stand up and disturb the shape of the eyebrow. Just brush them up and cut the access part of the hair in the line with the shaped brow with miniature scissors. Be careful, don’t overdo it.

6. Grow out your eyebrows. If you have already made some of the don’ts I have mentioned, then you will have to give your eyebrows some time to grow back. Especially if you want to reshape them completely. But please be aware eyebrows are not meant to be the same! Most of people have very unsymmetrical faces (good example – me), therefore the eyebrows will never look the same. Try to follow the natural shape of your brows, make them flattering to your face, don’t try to copy someone else’s eyebrows.

Filling in

1. Choose the right colour. Your eyebrows have to be a little bit darker then your hair colour. Avoid any reddish, rusty browns, they have red and orange undertones and rarely suits people unless you are a redhead. You should rather choose colours from the colder tones of brown: grayish brown, mauve brown, dark brown. Don’t choose black. True black usually has a blue undertone and rarely suits anyone too.

2. Use a fine tip brow pencil, if your eyebrows have rare placement of hair. Make hair like strokes across the eyebrow, so they look more thick, but realistic. If you draw your eyebrow as one line, people won’t even need to come close to tell that those are some painted-on brows.

3. Use eye shadow to fill in the blanks. Use a little bit lighter colour then the pencil you used to imitate the hair of the brow. The best brush to use for this is a flat eyeliner brush. Make light strokes of eye shadow across the eyebrow to create even and blended effect. Don’t go over the lines of the brow hair growth it will look fake. For girls that already have pretty thick and dark eyebrows, I would especially recommend to use a much lighter colour to make the eyebrow even but not darker than it is. It can be very overpowering. Unless it’s a look you are going for.

4. Don’t overdo the front of the eyebrow. The front of the eyebrow rarely has the same colour or thickness of hair compared to the arch or the tail. Therefore, try to copy a realistic brow by making the strokes in the front of the eyebrow softer or mix a few colours of them – darker and lighter browns.

5. Brush after filling in. It make a big impact to brush the filled in eyebrow. It will not only make your eyebrow look polished by laying the hairs into place, but also will make the filled in brow softer and more natural looking by blending in the strokes you made just a little bit more to fit the bigger picture. You can use just bare a spoolie eyebrow brush, a brow gel or clear mascara.
I use clear lash and brow gel mascara from Essence cosmetics (1.95 Eur in DM and Rossmann drugstores in Germany).

6. If your eyebrow hair is completely bear of colour, think about dyeing your eyebrows for filling it in easier. I do it. Because if I don’t, for me filling in is actually drawing the eyebrow from scratch. Which can take a while. So I colour my eyebrow with actual dye. Let me know if you want to see how I do it in the comments.


Happy eyebrow grooming!



DIY – Fly, fly butterfly –


I have promised you guys that I will share the wall art that I DIYed in my former flat. So here it is!

At this point it was very popular to make these black&white 3D wall arts, especially from butterflies. So I looked at most designs made online and I realized one thing that was missing in them – detail. I tell you, this little change had transformed the look completely.

For this DIY you need:

  • Plain white paper;
  • Thicker black paper;
  • Pencil and scissors;
  • Removable adhesive.

Firstly, I made a few stencils of butterflies. I just googled ‘black butterflies’ and in the images a lot of different shapes have appeared. So I grabbed a simple sheet of A4 white paper, fold it in half and started drawing – just with my hand, not being too precise or anything. They will be symmetrical anyway when I cut it out and unfold it.

My basic tip is to not try to be an artist and be exact, just try to keep some details of the butterfly – the little whiskers, the tail, the curves of the wings. It might take a few tries to make it look nice, but that’s why we draw with a pencil, right? We can just erase the lines we don’t want anymore.

To achieve the look of the wall art in the picture you only need to choose about 3-4 different shapes of butterflies and then 4-5 different sizes. As you can see in the final picture the really small ones made a great impact on the final project result.

These where the stencils I have made and worked with (I found them hidden away in my older journals, because I though I might be tempted to do it again). Don’t feel you have to make exact ones, this is just for a visual example. To imagine what I mean by detail.


After I made the stencils, I went ahead and bough myself some black paper, that was a little bit thicker then the normal printing paper. Then I just went crazy with it and made a lots and lots of these different butterflies. I was not counting how many of what size I need. I was just trying to fit as many different butterfly shapes that I have into one peace of paper. I think I made at least 6 full sheets of them. I cut them out. I didn’t really worry so much about how I am cutting them, I tried my best and if the whiskers were not so thin as on the stencil, so what… I tried my best. At least they are there… And then I just went ahead and started to stick the butterflies to the wall with the removable adhesive from Faber-Castell I have mentioned in the previous blog post.

For making a ring of butterflies I just grabbed a kitchen pot the size I wanted and I sketched it on the wall to make a circle and sat all the butterflies on that pencil line I made. Then it was all just creativity of my mind of how to place them. When I ran out of the ones I cut out and I saw that I needed even more, I went ahead and just cut put more.

The key is to mix the sizes, the forms and the spacing of butterflies.

Happy DIYing!



DIY – Mirror, mirror, on the wall… –


Living in a temporary rented apartment is a pain sometimes, especially in Denmark. The only thing you get is white walls that you cannot really do hardcore things on. Well, I have recently moved to a new place and I didn’t want to repeat the things I have done before (soon I will share my previous project from the former apartment too) so I was looking for inspiration and I saw some pretty fabulous wall art from mirrors on Pinterest and I decided to make my own version of it.

Usually, the problem for me personally is getting the right materials the for DIYs. They are pretty expensive here in Denmark if they are exactly the same as in the inspiration picture, so you have to get away with some cheaper alternatives you can find and get creative. Fortunately, we have a really amazing Danish store called ‘Tiger’ – it’s cheap and reaaaally weird . You can be surprised sometimes with what you find there. However, they hold some useful stuff too. The quality is not a dream, but for the price I think it is more than decent. So in ‘Tiger’ was lucky to find some little square mirrors.

In one set of square mirrors you get:

  • 4 squares or mirror;
  • some double sided sticky tape (two pieces for each mirror);
  • some mirror hooks and screws to hold  them as regular mirrors.

One pack is 3 Euro in Germany and 30 DKK (danish krone) in Denmark. I got 4 of them which left me with 16 square mirror pieces. I used only 13, other 3 I hung in the corridor for the last wink to yourself before you leave the house .

I am not allowed to screw anything to the walls so I just stuck them on with the tape provided in the package. I have learned the hard way that the tape is not that great. After 2 days the mirrors started falling off, even though when I stuck them on, it was very hard to take them off.

So my advice would be to firstly to apply the wanted design with the removable adhesive (gum like material). A lot of brands have it. The one I have used is from Faber-Castell. This way you will be able to remove and stick back the mirror squares on the wall as many times as you want until you come up with the desirable design. I think this would hold the mirrors permanently too, that’s what I have done after they fell off. I will update you, if any of them decide to fail to cooperate again.

Extra tip: be very careful, the mirrors are super thin and you have to be careful while sticking them or taking them off, they might shatter. Don’t press them too hard while putting them on the wall.

I think, these little square pieces really give you unlimited opportunities to get creative – make massive designs on walls or ceiling, make fragments of designs throughout the room, they can be symmetric or not, the squares can also be diamonds when you turn it and then again this shape opens a lot of new possibilities for decor. It looks modern it looks chic and in this case it is also quite functional – it is a mirror! It all depends on how much you wan to invest in it.

I really recommend to check out ‘Tiger’ if you are on a budget and it is available in your country (I think most of the European countries have them). I always leave with either some good stuff for home decor or at least with some good ideas for DIYs. Good luck!

If you don’t have a ‘Tiger’ store in your country, then just try eBay, Amazon, IKEA or just Google it.

Happy DIYing!