– Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette review –



I wanted to shortly review this eye shadow palette, because it is still marked as new here in Germany. So here are some of my remarks about it.

Packaging and the content

The palette here in German drugstores are around 9.95 Eur. For the price you get 12 eye shadows – 11 shimmery and 1 matte. The quantity is nice, but the ratio of mattes and shimmers is not. The packaging is quite pretty – rose gold plastic case with a window to see the eye shadows. The case seems pretty sturdy and is quite hard to open. Considering the price, I didn’t expect a super luxury feeling from the packaging, so I wasn’t disappointed. The back of the packaging gives some guidelines on how the color placement in the palette can make ‘duos’, ‘trios’ and ‘quads’. In the ‘duos’ case I didn’t really see how it should work, because most of the colors next to each other are too similar to make a god ‘duo’. The case also holds a little double-sided brush that has a little applicator brush on one side and a little blending brush on the other. The blending brush is not bad, but for well blended looks I think it is too small. The blending might take some time. In the later pictures I tried to achieve a look by using only the brush that came with the palette. I think it could definitely be more blended. What do you think?

Note: I have noticed that US version of this palette has different placement of colors in the palette.

palette back


The colors are mostly rosy or golden nudes and browns. 2 darker colors have some pretty big glitter specks in them, the other 9 give more like a shine on the lid. The 1 mate that is in the palette is very pretty light taupe color (first row 2nd from right). The colors are quite pigmented, however, doesn’t show up on the lid the same as on the swatches. You need to build up the shadow to bring out the color. I usually fix cheaper shadows by I mixing in some MAC Fix+ (see previous post).


The application is not that easy, you need to build up the color, and with the darker colors you might have some fallout. You can make really pretty looks with this palette though, the colors, when you have time to play with them, have much potential. Most of them are pretty smooth and bendable.


After I have done my make-up I was quite impressed – pretty looks are very achievable, but not without effort. The shadows crease without a primer, but the Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eye shadows works well as a primer for these eye shadows. With a primer the shadows stay on the lid and don’t crease at all (unless maybe you have very oily lids), however, in the end of the day I found that the pretty looks that I have achieved in the morning have meshed into one color in the afternoon, which is definitely not something you want.




In general I think this palette can work well as a day time make-up palette for achieving looks appropriate for work environment or school, where the make-up has to be minimal. It is not a bad palette, but it is also not greatest either, because you really need to spend some time to achieve some more advanced looks. The packaging is pretty and compact, great for traveling. And I had fun playing with the colors, since I didn’t have any rosy nude colors before.

What do you think of this palette?

Happy make-uping!


– A few affordable & great make-up products –


I wanted to share some of products that I have been loving for more than a few years now, and some that made to the ‘loved one’ list right away.

1. Maybelline Super Stay 24 color (12 Eur). This product is completely mental. I still cannot believe how great it is. It does not wear of at all through the day. As a matter a fact it is hard to remove it. You need an oil based make up remover or a lotion/ cream to take it off. It is quite drying, and has a matte finish, but it comes with a special lip balm that you can reapply. But I use my own lip moisturizer or lipgloss on it.


2. Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24HR (8 Eur). This gel eyeliner stays through the day without any movement. I have it in black and brown, both are very pigmented. It also comes with a pretty good brush applicator. I completely have replaced my liquid eyeliners with this gel liner.

3. Maybelline Eyestudio Colour Tattoo 24HR Eye Shadow (7 Eur). Can serve as a cream eye shadow or as an amazing eye shadow base. It wears really great through the day. Stays put and does not crease at all.

4. Benefit Hoola Bronzer (original size 35 Eur). I believe you can of course find something cheaper to replace this. But Hoola by Benefit is a really great bronzer because of it’s color and matte finish. A way to get it cheaper and try other Benefit products is to buy a sample package. I have bought a ‘Do the Hoola’ sample collection in Stansted Airport in London. It included 5 product samples and a little brush (30 Eur). However, I found that the bronzer sample sizes are quite big. I was using the bronzer one for quite a while and I haven’t even gone through the name embossed in the product. So I think it will definitely last me for quite some time.

5. Max Factor Pan Stick (8 Eur). It is a quite thick consistency and full coverage. I find it hard to apply it all over my face as a foundation so I use it as a concealer. It works especially well with a dampened beauty blender, which makes it easier to apply and build up carefully so it does not look cakey.

I am a big believer of cheaper make up. I have researched quite a lot about it through the years and found that a lot of brands high-end and high-street ones are made in the same factories, a lot of time even with same formulas. So a most of time if you really try, you definitely can find great drugstore dupes for almost any high-end product. However, I really think some things are worth the investment:

6. MAC Fix+ Prep&Prime (21 Eur). This is a great thing to have and has multiple different uses to make some of your maybe ‘not so great’ makeup great. I don’t use it every day but when I do, I don’t put the mist directly on my face, I usually mix it into my foundation. The finish of your foundation will be nice and realistic. It prolongs the duration of your face make up. I also use it to revive some of my eye shadows. The colors with Fix+ show up way better then on their own. I also think it would be good for applying cream blush. So basically you buy one product that makes all your other products work. I think that’s a pretty good deal.

7. The Original Beauty Blender (20 Eur). This little sponge is raved about for a reason. I know it is a little pricey, however, I think it is worth it.  I use it everyday to apply my foundation, concealer and even powder or even eye shadow or blush. The only thing I am kind of unhappy about is that it is still disposable. Even if you clean it, it will wear out and you will need to repurchase it eventually.

Here on the border I find it sometimes quite hard to get some of the products I want, especially high-end. But I manage to do it usually with online shopping, which is also not very convenient when you live in the periphery. Most of the products are physically available in the urban areas – Copenhagen, Hamburg and last time I was shopping in London, when I visited my friend. So I usually try to find great products in the drugstore.

What products have you been using for a while and think are amazing and worth investing in? Do you have some favorites from the drugstore?

Happy reading!


– Redefining my relationship with food –


I love food. And I am very guilty of loving all the ‘junk food’ the most. Burgers, fries, cola, chocolate, chips, beer, pizza, coffee, etc. Actually, I have really hard time to have a healthy relationship with food in general. I sometimes even have struggles to have control over the things that I am eating. So I have noticed some really bad eating habbits that I have:

  • I eat my food like someone will steal it from me. Fast, half chewed. Here in Denmark/Germany I am usually done when people are not even half way into their food .
  • I will always take something that is for free to eat, it does not matter if I really want it or not or if I am even hungry.
  • A buffet is an unending story. I need to try everything that looks good. And I will leave the restaurant with twice the size of a belly that I came in with. I actually thing I have this attitude towards buffets as Joey character in one of the Friends episodes have expressed: ‘This is where I win all my money back’  .
  • If I paid money for food, I have to eat it all. Does not matter how big the meal is.
  • Sugar is the frenemy. I go through a chocolate bar in a blink. However, people around me have noticed that I eat chocolate like a fast snack – putting the pieces in my mouth chewing, swallowing, not even enjoying it a little bit. So, I tried to not eat so much sugar anymore and I started feeling like a person with an addiction. I was craving  sugar as crazy – cranky, angry, always searching the cupboards for something sweet. This is actually caused by the hormone insulin that fights the overdose of sugar in the blood. It usually fights it too good and the blood sugar drops lower then normal, therefore you end up wanting more sugar again to normalize the sugar levels. It’s a vicious cycle!

How to gain control over your own eating habits?

So now I am trying my best to redefine and rebuild my relationship with food. Here are some ways I have decided to improve my eating habits.

  1. Admitting to having unhealthy habits of eating. I think for most of my life I was not aware that there is something wrong with the way I eat. Only when you are aware and acceptant, you can actively change something. Human habits are proven to be changeable. That means we all can do it. So do I.
  2. Chewing longer. Enjoying the taste, revealing tastes I have not even felt before. This also contributes to eating until you feel the fullness in your stomach, which is said to take around 20 mins. This way you can avoid over eating.
  3. Eating sweets only one or two days per week. Going out of this sugar craving cycle is probably the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I am still weak when it comes to sugar – I catch myself thinking about sweets in really random situations. The only answer is ‘powering through’! It gets easier to say no to sweets after a few weeks. I am still on track for the most part and I give bonus points for this one too, because I already can see the difference not only in how I feel but also on my body.
  4. Asking myself two questions when I have an opportunity for cheap or free food: ‘Do I really want it? Do I need it in my body?’. To be honest, probably 95% of the time the answer is’No’.
  5. Incorporating some healthier options of food in you fridge and pantry. As I have noted in my ‘Goals for 2016’ post I am trying to incorporate some new ingredients to my cooking. Find some new tastes. It takes some work for me, because I am not a big fan of cooking or spending much time in the kitchen. I especially hate doing the dishes. However, I found that healthy food can be delicious too, you just have to make it delicious.
  6. Not eliminating anything I really like to eat. I find it very discouraging to tell myself I can never ever again have burgers or cola or chocolate. It really depresses me even to think about it. Therefore, I choose limiting these things to not having them every day, but once in a while. My cheat day is Friday. 
  7. Drinking lots of water. I am already pretty good at this, but now I try my best to track how much of it I am drinking. My goal is at least 2 liters per day. To be honest, I have seen major improvement in appearance of my skin all over my body it seems tighter, more even in color tone. For me to buy water from the store is too expensive, so I have just bought a Brita water filter, which works great for tap water here in Denmark. It’s delicious!
  8. Slowly incorporating some exercise.  For me it has to be slow, because I find myself always giving up fast if I go hard core right away. The most important thing is to move, not to gain muscle or loose weight. Humans were meant to move around, so that’s what we should do.

I am advancing slowly but steady  with the food, not so much with the exercise.  But I will improve in time. I am still in progress of controlling myself in all of these steps actually. I still have to think of how much I should chew the bite I have in my mouth, I am still struggling to having sweets only on Friday (especially saying no to the sweets that are right in front of me). I have built the habits that I have throughout 24 years of my life, so now it will take some time to change them. I am ready! Are you?

Comment on your experiences with food, your habits and where you think they came from. Share your story and struggle as well as your advice on how we all can improve our eating practices.

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Happy improvement!


– Nivea cream – simple, cheap, GOLDEN! –


I remember the times when I was so skeptical of the Nivea cream in this blue little tin. That was because I was using it on my face, and I have an oily skin. So, that wasn’t a good idea. However, Nivea is a German brand, so when I came to live on Danish/German border I rediscovered this underrated treasure! It is absolutely amazing product that has various different uses. Here are some of the ways I use it:

1. Hand cream. Because it has glycerin in it, it is a wonderful hand cream. It absorbs quite fast. To be honest, Nivea cream is better than most hand creams I have tried in my life (and I have tried tons). Most of the other ones that moisturize enough are too think and are absorbed very slowly.

2. Cuticle cream. When I do my manicure I just rub it into my cuticles to moisturize them. When I have time, and I am chilling in front of Netflix, I just pile it on them and let it absorb. Around half an hour later I rub it in. Believe me, you will not recognize your cuticles! Better then any kind of expensive cuticle oil.


3. Lip recovery treatment. I usually pile Nivea cream on my lips before I go to sleep. Next morning my lips are recovered and very soft. Lipsticks glide unbelievably smoothly and you don’t need any special products to keep your lips amazing. Although, in the day time you can use it too, just in thinner layers. The cream is white in colour, therefore if you pile it on, you will look like a ghost .

4. Foot cream. Pretty self explanatory, I think. You can really do anything, wear moisturizing socks on top or just rub it on your feet normally. It really effectively treats the crackled skin on your heels and other areas of your feet!

5. Moisturizer after shaving. My skin gets really dry and itchy in the parts that I shave – mostly legs. So I use it every day to moisturize them. They need that extra thickness of a cream, that I don’t want to use on other parts of my body. It reduced the itchiness, prevents the ingrown hair keeps the skin calm after shaving.

6. Make-up remover. You know these stubborn liquid lipsticks or mascara. It takes them right off. Put some of the cream on a cotton pad and gently take away the mascara, lipstick or other heavy makeup. It will not only remove it but sooth and moisturize your skin on your eyes and lips. This is especially handy when traveling!

7. Healing cream for the skin cuts and scabs. I use it a lot on the damaged skin, when the wound has already closed. The scab heels faster as well as it is less likely to have a long lasting scar.

More unconventional ways to use this cream include:

8. Leather moisturizer. Recover your leather goods: bags, wallets, shoes with putting some of this cream on a cloth and then gently rubbing it over leather. Works wonders to recover the colour and bringing back the polished and shiny look of the leather.

9. The scuff wiper for your shoes. Again, put some of Nivea cream on the cloth and rub the scuff out. It will take some time – be patient.


10. Flyaway hair tamer. Just moisturize your hands like normally, and then smooth your hair gently to hide all the stubborn little hairs wrecking your hair style. Two birds with one stone!

Nivea cream comes in all the sizes you would ever need according to your way of use: huge tub for using it in bigger amounts for your body (400ml), the standard size pan (75ml), cute small one to keep in your bag on the go (30ml), and a tiny one to hide in your pocket (10ml). I actually have almost every size lying around all over the house and in every of my bags because it is ridiculously cheap, multinational and available in almost any store.


This cream has been around for almost a 100 years (92 to be exact) for a reason! Try it! 

Why spend your money on tons of different expensive products that clutter your bathroom, when you can have one AMAZING ONE!

Before using it check if you are OK with the ingredients used. These are ingredients used in the European version of Nivea Creme Aqua, Paraffinum Liquidum, Cera Microcrystallina, Glycerin, Lanolin Alcohol, Paraffin, Panthenol, Decyl Oleate, Octyldodecanol, Alumnium Stearate, Citric Acid, Magnesium Sulfate, Magnesium Stearate, Parfum, Limonene, Geraniol, Hydroxycitronellol, Linalool, Citronellol, Benzyl Benzoate, Cinnamyl Alcohol.

Happy moisturizing!


– Lemony healing –


Wanted to share with you guys a useful tip that really worked for me. I truly recommend trying it!

Natural lemon juice can be the answer to many of your skin problems.  Lots of scholarly articles have noted that Vitamin C has many benefits for skin:

  • Reduce the appearance of brown spots from sun damage as well as discolorations from scaring – it lightens and brightens those areas;
  • Helps boost collagen production (collagen is what makes your skin firm!)
  • Reduce inflammation and irritation;
  • Fade post-breakout red marks by improving skin’s natural healing response;
  • etc.

I have suffered from acne scars for many years. So I have chosen to use Vitamin C directly on the skin. I usually just put pure lemon juice on a cotton pad and press it against areas that have scarring, under skin acne or other damage. You might feel a little bit of a tingle on the skin at first, but it goes away fast. Tip: Be careful! Don’t put it on open wounds. It will sting as hell! You can repeat the process daily or incorporate it to your skin care routine however you like. Just watch the response of your skin and go along with it. Your skin will tell you how much it needs.

Sometimes I even use the same method for scrubbing my skin, the only difference is I put some sugar on the cotton pad soaked with lemon juice and then gently scrub my skin with it in circular motions. I would not recommend it to people that have very sensitive skin, the sugar scrub might me too harsh.

To buy lemons for every time you do this might seem too much. So I suggest just picking up a cute lemon shape lemon juice bottle from your grocery store (supermarket). It cost just around 1.5 Eur here in Germany/Denmark. It takes a long time to finish it! Also, you can use it for spicing up your salad dressing .



Happy healing!